Works in Siam


I recently published on Linkedin this nice picture of works I have made on Day Spa in Bangkok.

It received this comment from Khun Grist Skaoratanayothin:

“Even this work was smaller when compare to other in your portfolio hereof, you still recognized that I appreciated. Olivier, may I say, your works are not only one of or either part of … art, engineering, architect, imaginer, designer, technology but all of it. You are the keen-skilled man, knowing, doing and understanding the art to achieve and balance across all objective, obstruction & constrain. You say “fusion”, I feel it has propensity to the out-come work rather than your work itself. When people see your finished work here in day spa Bangkok, they might not know all process story, or they might think that they can do better even though they were not in that point of difficult constrained position in which you had done it among that situation. I like your starting words of Imagineering , Architainment & cabalistic. It reflect to real man like you are. “


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