Lido de Paris, 1988-1995

The Lido the Paris is one of the most famous Show Venues in the World. Located on Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris it stays as an unmatched  jewel of parisian Nights.

I acted there on three shows, starting with Panache! as Stage Manager, I was part of “Bravissimo!” Production team.

It remains to me one of the most difficult challenging mission I have accomplished in my career.

In 1993, Chairman Christian Clerico and my dear “Boss” Evelyn Guyot entrusted me to lead a 360 degrees technical and Human management methamorphosis of the Production Activities.

Acting as Deputy General Manager,I have been rewarded of my efforts moving traditional schemes into a 21st Century Venue, and paving the way to vibrant new developments…

Opening “C’est Magique!” in January 1995 is definitely one of the milestones of my career.

…then I went.

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