You see, my brother, today I stay by Java Sea in Jakarta. I keep moving on but sometimes, turning head back I remember.
I remember Bono, Bono in Ethiopia giving support to children. Gaslight in Sheraton Addis…my Club! We had good moments (with Johnny Walker the Black).
Yes, this life brought me some good things like that, meeting guys by any chance the same guys I was living the music since I was a kid.
Bono, Keith Richard in Eurostar..
As Neil Young sings, “Rock and Roll will never die!” not only music, freedom.

Les voleurs de Joie

Logo Workshop_edit

Why is it today that I think about my first Company?

This born in Paris in 1996-1997.with blessings of Christian Clerico, CEO of Lido de Paris

.Great achievements, Super team, super guys (and ladies).

French, Belgians, Lebanese, Ethiopians. Bright Projects all over the world with unanimous recognition.

Hard working, great life, good money.

Last  pages have been scratched out by cupid cowards eating their heart out of jealousy..

I will never forget, I will never forgive.

Red Fox

Well, I don’t have that many old friends.
Red Fox remained.
I like this guy, so genuine, so New Yorker, so Jamaican.
You don’t understand “patois”? Normal it became a code language!
Just feel the energy, the sincerity of Red Fox Art.
Dancehall? May be… much more than that.