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You know what? In this great media swindle, I force myself to believe that still are remaining a few honest people..@lilyallen made a point in Calais which is not a “place” somewhere but at crossroad of France, Belgium and UK and stands as a shameful living memorial to cupid wars, disrespect of Human, racism and cold blooded flowers on the mud, some organizations are thriving to buffer Police vs children and Lily’s words and tears blow the whistle…with heart.14725662_192862381124060_5821107767301385357_n

No matter what, Moving forward..

Black Flag

I am keeping happy to see young guys who raise the black flag of revolt against this cynical way this world is handled.
Business, wars, pride? My head is full I just don’t accept the way it is..
I keep thinking and keep hope in Youth!
It’s not all equal, it’s not all about Justice.

Reise, Reise Seemann Reise

“Reise, Reise Seemann Reise
Und die Wellen weinen leise
In ihrem Blute steckt ein Speer
Bluten leise in das Meer”

Do you hear your mother crying?

….when she sees how you did with the world she left for you

B Boomers

This is our fate, we born at Golden Age.
What happened? What did we do wrong?
We spend hours on “Social” pipes to mourn about this cause or another.
But what did we do for keeping this sweetness to our children?
Smokes, blood and ashes, we just let it be, throwing our frustration on this or that.
Baby Boomers, BB, Blah Blah..
I am tired of this all, I am exhausted.
Then I sing and I forget..Lah lah lah

Just Do IT!


I am the chairman of the bored

Some days like that..things are not clicking.

Then I listen to Howard then my minds goes floating at the edge of abnormality.

This is where I belong, and where I feel comfortable

Ramadan Mubarak


Kuala Terengganu

A taste of unaccomplished left there.

May be time to close circles.

You always leave part of you in a Creation.

“A la recherche du temps perdu…”

Inch Allah


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