My mind, it ain’t so Open



My mind, it ain’t so open
That anything could crawl right in
The last place to lose yourself
Is in the world where we all cling
Oh, my lover, we are opening
windows, we see all that we’ve seen
Overlooking a vivid room
It is sunshine, got things to do
My Life happens around me
Your life happens around me too
My mind he last place
Cling to it

Devoto Howard; Mcgeoch John Alexander


Floods on Eastern coast of Malaysia


Monsoon is just starting. Well, this does not make an easy drive.

But mostly, I think about all these families that lost shelters and homes.

In 3 days I have been driving from Kota Baru to Terengganu then to Kuantan.

Same heavy rain, overflowed landscape and swimming cows (they do nicely)

Army and helpers are mobilized.

Prevention is better than rescue!