Le Cadre Noir de Saumur, 1989-1999

My 10 Years of collaboration with “le Cadre Noir de Saumur” is mostly a story of friendship with photographer Alain Laurioux and some others I met along the way.

Alain took me in his magnificent world of excellence and perfection, also of efforts and sweat.

I have made my first steps aside the “Ecuyers” working on show lighting in 1989.

Their Leader, Colonel Francois de Beauregard teached me their respect for Horses and their unique tradition.

In 1992 I have been granted the mission of Show Direction and Production of the “Galas” by Colonel Christian Carde.

Paris, Brussels, London, Munich, Seville, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi have been stages for my works.

Highlights have been “Opera du Cadre du Cadre Noir” with Live Symphony Orchestra and Diva Julia Migenes then with “Ballet du Cadre Noir” with Star Patrick Dupond.

Thousands of spectators. among them president Jacques Chirac, Her Majesty Queen Sophia of Spain , Emperor of Japan Haki Hito offered me the blessing of success to this very special collaboration,

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