Ernest Stanislas Blanc-Garin (1843 – 1916)

Dagmar De Furuhjel – L’Atelier du peintre Blanc-Garin-c.1890 – huile-sur-toile – 160-x-225-cm.

My Grand-Grand father was a French-Belgian painter. Blanc-Garin settled in Brussels in 1863, where he was formed in the studio of Jan Frans Portaels. In Paris he worked in Alexandre Cabanel’s studio and took classes at the École des Beaux-Arts. He participated in the Prix de Rome in 1867 and received an honorable mention at the Paris salon one year later. In 1871 he settled permanently in Brussels. He painted, among other things, cityscapes and genre performances. He was co-founder of the ‘Société des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles’ (1891).
Blanc-Garin opened a workshop in Brussels in 1883 for male and female students. The students were given separate lessons, the men on the ground floor, the ladies on the first floor, each with its own entrance. Pupils included Marguérite Dielman, Henri Evenepoel, Marie Heijermans, Jo Koster, Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès, Louis Raemaekers, Adya van Rees-Dutilh, Emma Verwee, Chrisje van der Willigen and Lucien Wollès.
In his villa in the dunes of Knokke he also taught Pierre Henri Bayaux.http://Dagmar De Furuhjel – L’Atelier du peintre Blanc-Garin, c.1890, huile sur toile, 160 x 225 cm.

Jeune fille de profil
Elégante à l'éventail assise
Visite à l'Atelier du peintre M.E. Wauters
"Scène de plage , 1879"
"Jeune femme en bord de mer sur la terrasse"
Enfants jouant dans le Parc de Bruxelles
"Scène de plage , 1879"
Nature morte aux fleurs et miroir
Le Sénat en réunion, 1880.
"La Chambre des representants en reunion" (1880)
Landschaft mit Wiese und Bäumen
Landschaft mit Wiese und Bäumen
Les dunes
Jeune femme
Portrait d'Isabelle
"Portrait de Louis"
Boucher dans une Etable
Voiliers a Venise
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One thought on “Ernest Stanislas Blanc-Garin (1843 – 1916)

  1. Dear mister Panhuys,
    In this post I see your grandfather was a teacher of the Dutch painter Chrisje van der Willigen. Do you know more about her en her time in Brussels? I knew she was one of his pupils, but in relation to him not more than that. So I am curious to learn more.
    I am writing an article about her fot the Noord-Veluws Museum in Nunspeet, Holland.
    I found many interesting facts, but very, very few about het time in Brussels.
    So, if you can help me. Any facgt might be interesting!
    I would be very greatful.

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