New release from Jad Wio… Magdalena Dunkel

You don’t know Jad Wio, you don’t know Denis Bortek.? It is not only about music, the style is continuously in evolution; it is about something else. You may find perverse, I don’t believe so: I feel so close to this for almost 40 years..Rock & Roll, Shows Girls, yes, after all, this is what I love.” Einz, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Fünf, Sex!”


Nessbeal…It is not about rap (I don’t like this form of music). It is about rebellion. I like this guy for long. A long pause in his Art, he just came back with new release: ‘Nessbeal’ Here an older song…moving!

Peeter Panhuys -1562-

I just received tonight, out of the blue, a picture of this magnificent portrait of our ancestor Peeter Panhuys

The picture was painted by Bruges’ most famous portrait painter of the sixteenth century, Pieter Pourbus, just a year after Panhuys’ wedding with Margrijete Bartholomeus von Eyckelenburgh

Treasurer of the city of Antwerp and a great art collector, Peeter van Panhuys (1529-1585) is depicted here at the age of 34 by Pourbus, twelve years before the famous painting by Maerten de Vos, now at the Mauritshuis Museum

“Portrait of Peeter van Panhuys”
Oil on panel, dated 1562
With Peeter van Panhuys’ coat-of-arms
H: 105 x W: 75 cm



They don’t know how we rehearse our dreams…

I remember my friends always questioning my passion for Magazine and Howard Devoto. Not specially fancy music, not really superstars…
No, it is mostly a special chemistry between my entire personality, my feelings and what their songs transfuse to me, as music to my own lyrics..
It is kind of strange to measure contrast between Buzzcocks, his original band and what Magazine could produce as a mosaic of music and ‘not so explicit’ lyrics. It is not so accessible.
It is a matter of symbiosis…or I like to believe so.


Two sides to every Story….

Jah Wobble is owing the legacy of the original PIL. John Lydon remains as a genius clown,

This song stays as the obituary of my Generation, our dreams turned to ashes, or not really : we did not believe in Future.


Gold nugget!

The Gun Club means a lot to me. I share intimacy with their poetry with my dear Miss S.

Here 1984 line-up: Jeffrey, Kid Congo, Patricia Morrison, Peter Kablean.

My Dreams