Vive l’Algerie

Reading recent interview of Oliver Stone about freedom, I found out that JFK supported fight for Independence of people of Algeria. I try to keep my reflection focusing of big movements in History. It is obvious to me that 70’s are marking a major change that took 20 years to materialize: this marks end of ideologies and vision at profit of global (and cynical) control of flow of commodities no matter are human apirations. Policies became immoral and people manipulated as puppets. Those fighting for their ideals don’t have many choice: compromise or disappear.


The Empire strikes Back..












Darth Vader:” Luke, you can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son.”

This recording of high ranking American diplomats is quite explicit..

I feel it oppressive, arrogant, and for making long story short…dangerous!

Sotchi, sooo

At the occasion of these boring Olympics, it has to be mentioned this moving Japanese tradition to bury skiers with their skis!

Worrking on Horse show in Tokyo, I found these Japanese cemeteries amazing, like ski’ s in front of a chalet!


There is always something taking me back to Algeria.

I remember my dear mother who told me that I will find happiness there.

This already happened.

Today this beautiful project of Architect Julien Farhat..

C19-Vue int 7


Fairy Tales

We are living in a world that accepts as historical facts legends around the “good” and the “bad” guys.

Today the Muslim is the bad guy. But still the “Empire” is keeping eyes wide opened on any challenging of the Fairy Tale about World War 2 and aftermath. It is quite interesting to see how quick anybody discussing “choreography” of Holocaust or recently killings by Japanese in Nankin, is dragged in mud.

We are meant to accept (unfortunately children in schools also) as truth and History, a all legend that started to be written at end of World War 1 and dismantlement of Ottoman Empire, Austrian Empire, and of course German Empire, but also growing Japanese one. image094 The use of of collapsing British and French colonialism was the step to, what is today the Jewish-american ruling power.

All means, all media, all contradictions (support of Jihad in Syria, destruction of it in Egypt) are used to keep hand on Global resources and cynical control of world citizens.

Examples of it are every day in Geo-strategy but also in clashes that occur almost every time with those who contest this One way vision of the world. I think as an European, that our civilization in all aspects including the worst we produced but also brightness we brought to the world, I think that our Civilization in general lost a War in 1945.

I am not a fascist, a racist but I think that Leadership today has no Soul, no Culture, washes traditions, religions, national identities. All these things that make an individual know who he is. Nationalism “stricto sensu” is defending idea of a Nation. This does not mean that some are better than others (actually this can be discussed), but at least any Creature of God can identify himself and find balance is his micro cosmos.

Those put today in school manuals as evil criminals might have been so, I am definitely sure that those shown in same books and Daily newspapers are warrant of Freedom. progress and these sort of things are not better, if not worst.