Job done!

It has been a couple of months I started revamping my Blog/Website. Adding last week video telling the story of “Panhuys” it completes a journey back in the past, back in my past.

I will not touch it anymore and concentrate now on edition of my personal newsletter where I will share what people share on Facebook. I don’t like Facebook.

Navigation is quite simple, menu bar is very minimal.

On top of usual menus like “about” or “contacts” archives are displayed in 3 main boxes:

“My way” offers a visit of Time lapse of pictures of me since a newborn baby, a video documentary about my ancient heritage, “Panhuys” and a gallery that took years to patiently collect about fine paintings of my Great Grand Father, “Ernest Blanc-Garin”

“Archives” is about main experiences in my career since I stepped on stage wooden floors in 1980.

“Portfolio” displays my most recent experiences, this one will receive updates on a regular base.

This completes an effort to compile and offer what could be seen as attempt to offer some hints to understand complexity of my personality. There is no arrogance in this, any experience in life is made out of bitter and sweet. I hope you will enjoy it.

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