Peeter Panhuys -1562-

I just received tonight, out of the blue, a picture of this magnificent portrait of our ancestor Peeter Panhuys
The picture was painted by Bruges’ most famous portrait painter of the sixteenth century, Pieter Pourbus, just a year after Panhuys’ wedding with Margrijete Bartholomeus von Eyckelenburgh
Treasurer of the city of Antwerp and a great art collector, Peeter van Panhuys (1529-1585) is depicted here at the age of 34 by Pourbus, twelve years before the famous painting by Maerten de Vos, now at the Mauritshuis Museum

“Portrait of Peeter van Panhuys”
Oil on panel, dated 1562
With Peeter van Panhuys’ coat-of-arms
H: 105 x W: 75 cm


2 thoughts on “Peeter Panhuys -1562-

  1. Dear Olivier Panhuys,
    I am hoping to publish a book on the Antwerp circle that is shown in Maerten de Vos’s portrait historié of Moses and the tablets of the Law (i.e. the Panhuys Paneel) and I would dearly love to include the mqagnificent Pourbus portrait of Peeter van Panhuys. Are you able to help me by putting me in contact with the owner to see if I may obtain permission to do so?
    With best wishes, Richard Willmott

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