I do prefer my Friends to Facebook “friends”

 I changed a lot of things in my life. Not only to move from Thailand to these amazing shores and Islands, but also closing all my “social” accounts. I found myself ridiculous to do the same things that I blame others to do. Useless and riskless fights with dummies who are definitely not my caliber.

I have a couple of true friends…we have many means to exchange and, of course, argue. Better in Private, even better around a Barbecue (Crazy fish and sea food here).

I will continue to post my mood, my nerves..this only for those who know me, who know complexity of my personality. I will concentrate to those I love and forget the rest.

Loads of jobs, (I am here for working), refurbishing my house, spend time…doing nothing.

I finished with stress except the one I choose.

My son, my beloved Ones, my dear friends…Here I am!

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