Walhorn, Limburg – anno 800 AD

My name is “Panhuys” This is my Pride and my Honor. As far as I could go back in History, in 800 AD, I found cradle of my Noble Family in Walhorn, Limburg: the “Fief Panhuys” or “Schloss” Panhuys.
We are Frankish, coming from the dark forests of Germania, actually we are “Lotharingi” as we used to be named.
Lotharingia was a medieval successor Kingdom of the Frankish Carolingian Empire, then became a Kingdom: “regnum quondam Lotharii or Lotharii regnum”

Landlords and brewers, originally Drossards von Walhorn, then Knights Panhuys have been given bright charges through what is today, land of “Kingdom of Belgium” but was at the time controversial land.

Two of them remain as founders of our History: Servaes Panhuys who married Jehanne du Bois.,Drossard von Beeck and Walhorn. He was descendant of Godefroid, Wilhelm, Johann, the Noble Panhuys Family, Alderman of Brussels.

Peter Panhuys remains initiator of what is Family today: Peter Panhuys was a merchant, burgher of Antwerp, steward and treasurer of Antwerp. He was born in 1529 in Walhorn, Limburg, and province of Liège. On 13 June 1561 he married Margrijete Bartholomeus von Eyckelenburgh, called Hooftman.
The family had 13 children. Margarijete was a daughter of a noble Austrian. Her father was a merchant in Antwerp, but also mayor of Trier, where she herself was born in 1545. The family was very wealthy and belonged to the regent families of Antwerp, until the siege of Antwerp in 1585.
In 1576 , Antwerp joined the pacification of Ghent and the Union of Utrecht. This was the largest Dutch city, at that time 100,000 inhabitants, the capital of the Dutch revolt. The period to 1585 is known as the Antwerp Republic, where Catholicism was officially forbidden.
Sent by the Pope, the Spaniards reconquered all Flemish cities and stood on 3 July 1584 for the port of Antwerp. They put in the Scheldt a 730 meter long bridge of ships, so that the city would be starved. City surrendered to the Spanish military leader Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma.
The opponents of the Spanish King had the time to leave the city of Antwerp. Many Protestant merchants and intellectuals left for Amsterdam, but also in Germany and England. Among them, Peter Panhuys, spouse and 13 children. Peter and Margarijete passed away in Amsterdam while family dispersed in Holland and Germany. Today, most of the Panhuys or van Panhuys are Dutch.

I am particularly proud to be linked to one of them: General Major Willem van Panhuys. In 1815 he was in Military staff of Feld Marshall Prinz Blücher Wahlstadt in Waterloo. Allied Cavalries form Prussia and Holland severely defeated French Buonaparte and put an end to his imperialism in Europe.
The Dutch branch passed History as a Noble family, most of them officers, or honored with Charges as Governor of Surinam or Indonesia.
My linage shows also many high rank officers, Uncle Henry is recognized as a Hero of first World War, perishing at head of is troops at Yser Battle.
My Father, was named Henry in memory of his Uncle.
His Grand father and father Paul Panhuys were High rank Military Officers but also the painter Ernest Blanc-Garin was father of his dear mother,Jacqueline.
My Father is not a military from far, as a sociologist he dedicates his life to his dreams of peace and elevation of Nations and mostly people of the Third World. As an author, he still struggles for his ideal in these days of mercantilism and cynicism.
I find masterpiece of his works in “Vers la fin de l’occidentalisation du Monde” as a visionary scan of Future.
Henry Panhuys is a Humanist, inheritance of tradition from 16th Century in our Northern Lands.
May Allah leave him long for his Grand Children!