An English Garden

It looks like the Thames in Henley on Thames or the Meuse in Givet.

Actually this is our grden in T’ganu.

This fisherman catched 20 beautifull fishes in no time.

Well time to work now, a lot to do.

I will say that coming back home is really pleasant..

Ava Adore

Week end is time to feel alone…miss my beloves ones. Will share here what put music on common lyrics.

Smashing Pumkins is missing…also

I do prefer my Friends to Facebook “friends”

 I changed a lot of things in my life. Not only to move from Thailand to these amazing shores and Islands, but also closing all my “social” accounts. I found myself ridiculous to do the same things that I blame others to do. Useless and riskless fights with dummies who are definitely not my caliber.

I have a couple of true friends…we have many means to exchange and, of course, argue. Better in Private, even better around a Barbecue (Crazy fish and sea food here).

I will continue to post my mood, my nerves..this only for those who know me, who know complexity of my personality. I will concentrate to those I love and forget the rest.

Loads of jobs, (I am here for working), refurbishing my house, spend time…doing nothing.

I finished with stress except the one I choose.

My son, my beloved Ones, my dear friends…Here I am!