New Year…finally

Just turning head above my shoulder having a look on last Year.
Then I thought about shock I had one day, spending two hours in front of Masterpiece of Edvard Munch.
One of the most moving Artist.
I spent my youth with another superb piece of Art from this Genius reproduced full size in my Grand mother’s living room: Girls on the Bridge.
At the end of the day 2016 will be past soon. Nothing much to celebrate, may be to try to forget the screams.

Stabat Mater

Do you have 30 minutes available in your busy life?

30 minutes to leave all aside and contemplate abjection of our world.

We keep struggling and thriving to improve our lives and our dear one’s.

But 30 minutes to change the perspective, to embrace our Humanity.

Francis Poulenc composed this Masterpiece at end of second world War.

I know it for long. Stabat Mater is compassion to sufferings of Mary during agony of her Son.

Christians and Muslims are united giving Maryam the respect to the symbolic Mother.

30 minutes to think to all Mothers who are attending agony of their children and pray for Them.

30 minutes to think that we could stand and dry Tears and Blood.

Black Flag

I am keeping happy to see young guys who raise the black flag of revolt against this cynical way this world is handled.
Business, wars, pride? My head is full I just don’t accept the way it is..
I keep thinking and keep hope in Youth!

B Boomers

This is our fate, we born at Golden Age.
What happened? What did we do wrong?
We spend hours on “Social” pipes to mourn about this cause or another.
But what did we do for keeping this sweetness to our children?
Smokes, blood and ashes, we just let it be, throwing our frustration on this or that.
Baby Boomers, BB, Blah Blah..
I am tired of this all, I am exhausted.
Then I sing and I forget..Lah lah lah

Siamese Dreams…


I spent 2 years in Siam.

Not what you could think, 2 years with Thai and Lao people, living with them, sharing spicy life.

When I listen to this song, I jump 2 steps back to these days…

The moving balads of Siriporn Umpaipong, the Issan Diva and these kids of  BodySlam..Vibrant Bangko

Vid. does not call many words to explain.

I tell you, I always feel home when sharing with true people, this in Ethiopia, Thailand or Malaysia, country does not matter, people do!

Siamese dreams ..