11 November 1918

A lot of noise these current days about meaning of this Celebration.Of course moment of souvenir of all those who sacrifized their young lives, my Great Grand Uncle Henry portrait staying of family’s living room to remember him who perished heading his troops on one of Yser Islands. But November 11th is Celebration of a Victory! Nation gave an all generation of young men for freedom. It is for me time to remember with Honor Lieutenant General Ernest Andre Panhuys, my Great Grand Father Commander of 2nd regiment de Chasseurs a Pieds contributing  to the final Offensive to restaure King Albert I on the Throne.

A discreet Hero, he has been honored with the Highest Distinctions  in our Kingdom but also in many countries in Europe.

Celebrating 88th National Day of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is preparing to break a Guinness world record by launching 900,000 fireworks simultaneously from 58 platforms in 13 provinces to mark the 88th Saudi National Day on Sept. 23, according to reports in local newspapers.

The fireworks will form the green background of the Saudi flag, in front of which 300 drones will create a laser image of its white horizontal sword and the Shahada (the Muslim profession of faith). This will break another Guinness world record in forming the largest flag in the world.

To celebrate the National Day, government bodies and authorities have joined forces to develop a comprehensive festive program, including activities and events to be held in all Saudi cities, provinces and regions.

They include Cirque du Soleil and the National Entertainment Day carnival in Riyadh, the Sky of Dreams show in Jeddah, the Light Garden event in Dammam, aerobatics and pyrotechnics shows in Khobar, the From Us to the Nation event in Tabouk, the release of hot-air balloons in Al-Ahsa, and many others.